Lien Enforcement

779.48 How such liens enforced
(1) Every person given a lien by ss. 779.43 to 779.46, except s. 779.43 (3), or as bailee for hire, carrier, warehouse keeper or pawnee or otherwise, by common law, may, in case the claim remain unpaid for 3 months and the value of the property affected thereby does not exceed $100, sell such property at public auction and apply the proceeds of such sale to the claim and the expenses of such sale. Notice in writing, of the time and place of the sale and of the amount claimed to be due shall be given to the owner of such property personally or by leaving the same at the owner’s place of abode, if a resident of this state, and if not, by publication thereof, in the county in which such lien accrues, as a class 3 notice, under ch. 985. If such property exceeds in value $100, then such lien may be enforced against the same by action.

(2) Every person given a lien by ss. 779.41 and 779.43 (3) may in case the claim remains unpaid for 2 months after the debt is incurred, and a person given a lien under s. 779.47 (2) may if the claim remains unpaid 90 days after the lien is perfected, enforce such lien by sale of the property substantially in conformity with subch. VI of ch. 409 and the lien claimant shall have the rights and duties of a secured party thereunder. When such sections are applied to the enforcement of such lien the word debtor or equivalent when used therein shall be deemed to refer to the owner of the property and any other person having an interest shown by instrument filed as required by law or shown in the records of the department of transportation, and the word indebtedness or equivalent shall include all claims upon which such lien is based.
History: 1977 c. 29 s. 1654 (7) (b); 1979 c. 32 ss. 57, 92 (9); 1979 c. 176; Stats. 1979 s. 779.48; 1983 a. 500 s. 43; 1993 a. 328; 2001 a. 10