Jean Wedel, Dewey’s Towing – Beloit

Vice Chair

Jamon Ingelse, Lanser Towing – Belgium

Term of Office Expires in 2022

Glenn Meyer, Day and Nite Towing, Baldwin
Mark Salentine, Ray’s Towing, Milwaukee
Wayne Lammert, Rod’s Towing, Merrill
Betty Parnham, Johnson’s Towing of Stevens Point
Mark Platt, Platt’s Garage, Wisconsin Dells
Danny Matthews, Zip’s Truck Equipment, New Hampton, IA

Term of Office Expires in 2023

Ryan Tessman, Emergency Starting & Towing, Watertown
Homer Schultz, Homer’s Towing, Milwaukee
Pat Kumbier, Kumbier Towing & Recovery, Minocqua
Aaron Richard, Guy’s Truck and Tractor, Kieler
Alex Schmidt, Schmidt’s Auto, Inc. Madison

Term of Office Expires 2024

Jean Rogers Wedel, Dewey’s Service, Beloit
Craig Goldbeck, Goldbeck Towing Service, LaCrosse
John Merten Jr, Merten’s Service, Burlington
Kyle Gessler, Gessler’s Towing, Lannon
Chase Leonard, Floyd and Sons, Racine
Mark Bradfish, Jerry’s Towing

Past Chair Active Members

Ted Kabus, Kabus Auto Body Repair
Jamon Ingelse, Lanser Garage and Towing, Belgium
Tom Hedglin, Area Wide Services
Steve Davis, Davis Citgo Service, Janesville
Jeff Roskopf, Roskopf’s Service/Towing, Menomonee Falls
Bill Tomlinson, Tomlinson’s, Inc, Ashland
Dave Whealon, Whealon Towing/Service, Fond du Lac (director on WMCA board)

Honorary Directors

John Schmidt, Schmidt’s Auto, Madison
Ken Weber, Ken Weber Truck Service, Pewaukee
Shawn Topel, Lake Mills
Mark Block, Ray’s Towing, Milwaukee
Rick Leonard, Racine
Nancy Brust, Milwaukee
John Glorioso, Grafton
Lud Menzl, Menomonee Falls
Guy Richard, Guy’s Truck & Tractor Service, Kieler
Grant Schaal, Milwaukee
Don Rolling, Madison
James Salentine, Greenfield
Marvin Platt, Wisconsin Dells
Duane Rogers, Sr., Beloit


Pursuant to WTA by-laws, Standing Committees of the Wisconsin Towing Association are created by the Chair at his or her discretion to focus on issues or matters of importance to the Association.  Committee members are selected by the Chair and the Chair serves as an ex-officio member of each committee. 


Dave Whealon – Whealon Towing
Pat Kumbier – Kumbier Towing
Aaron Richards – Guy’s Truck and Tractor


Jeff Roskopf – Roskopf’s Towing
Chase Leonard – Floyd and Sons
Pat Kumbier – Kumbier Towing
Wayne Lammert – Rod’s Towing
Mark Salentine – Ray’s Towing
Michelle Sukow – Topel Truck Center
Dave Whealon – Whealon’s Towing
John Schmidt – Schmidt’s Auto
Josh Wedel – Dewey’s Towing
Alex Schmidt – Schmidt’s Auto
Rob Stiglitz – AM Towing
Ken Weber – Ken Weber Truck Service
Jamon Ingelse – Lanser Garage
Jean Wedel (ex-officio member) – Dewey’s Towing


John Schmidt – Schmidt’s Auto
Junior Merten – Merten’s Service
Mark Salentine – Ray’s Towing
Wayne Lammert – Rod’s Towing
Jeff Roskopf – Roskopf’s Towing
Todd Menzel – Prairie Land Towing
Chase Leonard – Floyd and Sons Towing


Jodie Schmidt – Schmidt’s Auto
Geri Roskopf – Roskopf’s Towing
Marion Lammert – Rod’s Towing
Mary Weber – Ken Weber Truck Service
Donna Whealon – Whealon’s Towing
Jamie Kabus – Kabus Auto Body
Betty Parnham – Johnson Towing