2021 Wisconsin Tow Show


The Wisconsin Towing Association Tow Show and Convention will be held Father’s Day weekend, June 18-20, 2021 at Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells.  Please click the appropriate tab for Registration, Vendor, or Sponsorship.  Thank you!


Fri. June 18:

  • 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm Registration
  • 9:00 am Vendor & Exhibit Set Up
  • 6:45 pm Opening Ceremonies and Color Guard
  • 7:00 pm Homer’s Pig Roast Picnic
  • 8:00 pm WTRAA Ladies Gathering
  • 9:30 pm Truck Light Show

Sat. June 19:

  • 8:00 am Exhibits Open
  • 8:00 am – 3:00 pm Registration
  • 8:00 am Continental Breakfast at the Vendor Tent
  • 8:00 am – 10:00 am – Talk Heavy Duty Recovery Seminar
  • 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Working Wrecker Contest
    ($25 entry fee for WTA members; $35 for non-members)
  • 10:00 am – WTA Silent Auction (Auction ends after the evening banquet)
  • 11:30 am Burger/Brat Cookout
  • 12:00 pm Ladies Luncheon
  • 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm – Professional Tow and Recovery Demonstration
  • 5:00 pm Exhibits Close
  • 6:30 pm Kids’ Party – Ages 4 to 12
  • 6:30 pm – Cocktails in Banquet Room
  • 7:00 pm Banquet, Awards Presentations, Silent Auction End, and Program

Sun. June 20:

  • 9:00 am Annual Business Meeting
  • 10:30 am Board of Directors Meeting


Adult is ages 13 and up. Child is age 5-12. No charge for kids under the age of 5 but does not include the Saturday cookout lunch.

Adult Pig Roast, Breakfast, Cookout Lunch and Banquet $85
Adult Pig Roast, Breakfast, and Banquet       (No charge for Ladies Lunch, if attending) $65
Adult Breakfast, Cookout Lunch and Banquet $65
Adult Pig Roast Only $15
Adult Cookout Lunch Only $15
Adult Banquet Only $55
Child Both Days        (Pig roast, breakfast, lunch and Kids Party) $25
Child Friday Only $10
Child Saturday Only     (Breakfast, lunch and Kids Party) $15




Please review the Vendor/Exhibitor maps below before selecting a space.





CONTRACTSSubmission of application, payment by check or credit card to the Wisconsin Towing Association and notice of approval by the Wisconsin Towing Association shall constitute a binding contract.

NO REFUND monies will be made for cancellations made by the vendor of booth or display area rentals after June 11, 2021.

The Wisconsin Towing Association reserves the right to judge the suitability of all exhibits and shall have the right to make any changes deemed necessary.

Subletting of contracted space by any exhibitor is prohibited. Space assigned to an exhibitor shall be for their exclusive use only.

Unless otherwise authorized, all exhibits must be displayed within the dimensions of the specific exhibit space that has been contracted by the vendor from the Wisconsin Towing Association.

All exhibits will be displayed in a clean, quiet, safe and orderly manner and in compliance with State statutes and local ordinances.

Exhibitors are responsible for setting up and completely dismantling their exhibit and thoroughly cleaning up their display area.

There will be no admittance to the display area during hours of darkness.

To ensure the safety of all concerned, lifting or winching of vehicles to demonstrate heavy-duty equipment will not be allowed in the exhibit area.  Another area will be provided for such demonstrations upon request.

INSURANCE Exhibitors are required to have their own insurance which is to include worker’s compensation, personal injury liability, and property damage.  Execution of the exhibitors’ contract is a waiver to any claims against the Wisconsin Towing Association, their staff, directors, officers or members.


Equipment Exhibits: Thursday afternoon, June 17thor Friday morning, June 18th

Tent/Booth Exhibits: Friday morning, June 18th

SHOW HOURS       Friday                    12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m.

                              Saturday      8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

                              Sunday        8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. (if necessary, but most vendors depart on Saturday evening)

*All exhibits in booth tent must be taken down by no later than 1:00 pm on Sunday.*

SECURITY SERVICESSecurity personnel will be on the premises Friday and Saturday evenings from approximately 8:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. the following mornings.


If the event is canceled either by the Association, the Chula Vista Resort, or by an act of government, a full refund shall be made to the exhibitor regardless of date of cancellation.

NO REFUND monies will be made for cancellation BY THE VENDOR of booth or display area rentals after June 10, 2020. However, If the event is canceled either by the Association, the Chula Vista Resort, or by an act of government, a full refund shall be made to the exhibitor regardless of date of cancellation.









Shirt and Hoodie orders must be placed in advance and paid by credit card.  Designs will be available soon, but will utilize the 2021 Tow Show Theme Logo below.

All orders will be packaged and available for pick up in the Registration Trailer during the Tow Show.

No items will be available for purchase at the Tow Show.

The Working Wrecker Contest is your opportunity to show off your truck(s) and compete in several classes and types of tow trucks.  The cost for WTA members is $25 per truck and for non-members, $35 per truck.  You must register your truck in advance at the Registration trailer no later than 9:30 a.m. on Saturday morning.  Judging begins at 10:00.  Please be sure to remain near your vehicle during judging hours and provide us with your cell phone number in case the judges need to find you.



Class A – Light Duty (16 and newer)

Class B – Light Duty (15 and older)

Class C – Medium Duty (16 and newer)

Class D – Medium Duty (15 and older)

Class E – HD Single Axle

Class F – HD Tandem Axle (16 and newer)

Class G – HD Tandem Axle (15 and older)

Class H – HD Tri-axle (16 and newer)

Class I – HD Tri-axle (15 and older)

Class J – HD Specialized (Rotator, Quad axle)

Class K – Carrier (16 and newer)

Class L – Carrier (15 and older)

Class M – Antique Wrecker (Show)

Class N – Antique Wrecker (Working)

Class O – Mechanical (Light & Medium Duty)

Class P – Mechanical (Heavy Duty)

Class Q – Service Truck

Class R – Trailer

Class S – 5th Wheel

Paint & Graphics

Most Unique / Innovative


Phone: (888) 598-4313 ♦ Address: 2501 River Rd – Wisconsin Dells WI 53965 ♦  Website

WTA Booking ID# is:   F72426

WTA Room Rates

Tower Jr Suite  $165.00
Condo Jr Suite  $175.00
2 Bedroom Condo  $285.00
3 Bedroom Condo  $465.00

Much of the Wisconsin Tow Show is held outdoors, thus various safety protocols may not be necessary.  Indoor events will follow any and all guidelines set by the venue, generally similar to the measures below.  We will do all we can to make the Show a SAFE and enjoyable event!

We get a lot of questions about the Tow Show each year.  Please check this list first to see if your question(s) is answered.  If not, call our Madison office at 608-827-5783 or send an e-mail to djohnson@witruck.org


If I just want to walk around the convention grounds and talk to vendors, do I have to register for the Tow Show?

No.  Registration is only for meals or if you’re going to be a Vendor or Sponsor.  There is no need to register for anything other than that.

When is the deadline for registration?

Generally speaking, we would like to have everyone registered no later than Friday, June 11th so we can let the hotel know how much food to prepare.  You can register and pay the day of the Show at the Registration area.  However, it is possible that tickets for the Saturday cookout and Saturday banquet may be sold out.

Can children attend the Tow Show?

Absolutely!  We have special pricing for children’s meals and offer a free Kids Party on Saturday evening.  However, we do like to limit the party to no more than 25 kids, as we are limited on chaperones for the party.

There is no charge for kids under the age of 5, however that does not include the Saturday afternoon cookout.

Is there a cost to attend the Women’s Towing forum on Friday evening?

No.  But if you could indicate your attendance on the Registration form, we would appreciate it.

Is there a cost for the towing and recovery forum on Saturday?

No.  The Professional Tow Talk Seminar will be held on Saturday morning in the Laguna Vista Room of the hotel.  Just show up!

Is there a cost for the Ladies Lunch?

No, but please let us know in advance if you are attending.  We do like to keep this luncheon at a limit of about 50 people.

I’m a Vendor/Exhibitor at the Tow Show.  When can I start setting up?

Usually Friday in the early afternoon, unless there are special circumstances.

Where do I pick up our meal tickets and other items for the Tow Show?

There will be a large trailer in the parking lot, just to your left as you drive into the Chula Vista Resort.  All materials for your registration, including meal tickets, wristbands, name badges, programs, t-shirts (if ordered) and the WTA Silent Auction will be in the trailer.

Do I have to register my truck for the Friday night light show?

No.  Just bring your truck and turn your lights on around 9:30 p.m.  Please shut everything off by 10:00 p.m. and no horn honking after 10:00 p.m.

Where do I park my truck?

When you enter the Chula Vista Resort, there will be WTA officials there to help with parking.

Will there be WTA shirts for sale at the Show?

Unfortunately, no.  It’s simply too difficult to determine the amount and sizes to order.  However, shirts may be available for order on-line after the Show has ended.

I have some items I’d like to donate to the WTA Silent Auction.  Where should I drop them off?

The Registration trailer in the parking lot.

How will the proceeds from the Silent Auction be used?

100% of the proceeds from the WTA Silent Auction will be donated to the the International Towing Museum, including the Survivor’s Fund, Wall of Fallen, and Scholarship Fund.